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Caring Families began April 1993, with community phone support and a few families who received counseling and material assistance. The Incorporation Documents were date stamped by the State of Ohio on August 23, 1993. The IRS has classified Caring Families as a nonprofit 501©3 with charitable and educational status. Three couples formed and launched Caring Families(CF)with a mission to preserve and strengthen families in a time when mobility, drugs, money and seeking self-fulfillment were destroying families. These couples hoped to replace absent extended family members and neighbors to those families who were struggling without hope. The founders: Bob & Helen Alig, headed the mentor families, John & Jane Britt, took responsibility for counseling and material assistance, and Jim & Mary Ann Schoen, set up the governing board and educational structure. In 1998 the responsi- bility for programs was passed to Madonna Spaeth, John Hosford chaired the Board, Mary K. C. Soter and Jim Baker assumed the legal guidance, and J. R. Shoemaker became the Statutory Agent/ Treasurer from Gene Mauch. Ten years later, in August 2008 two discouraged members of the Board misused the donations, made up records and dissolved the Corporate status. The programs continued unchanged and in June 2009 Caring Families was re-incorporated. New members have accepted some Board positions: Adelphia Saunders - Program Committee, Kendra Anderson - Fundraising, Sheila Jones - PR/ Com Rep. Volunteers are still needed in Programs and on the Board. Please Volunteer!